Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Equipped with top-notch technology for sheet metal manufacturing and an expert engineering team, SSMETAL can provide sheet metal of standard quality and constructive solutions tailored to your projects.

Sheet Metal Available at SSMETAL

Stainless Steel Partition

Stainless Steel Tank

Laser Cutting

Stainless Steel Duct

Stainless Steel Outdoor Products

Wine Cabinet

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How We Fabricate Sheet Metal

SSMETAL provides one-stop sheet metal processing services in order to better serve terminal metal users. Our processing technology is complete, providing one-stop metal sheet metal processing services from product drawing design, blanking, digital punching, laser cutting, plate shearing, forming-bending, stretching, punching, etc.

What Makes Our Sheet Metal Stand Out?

Excellent Materials

Strong manufacturing supply chain, selected good materials, stable performance, not easy to rust and durability.

Fully Equipped

SSMETAL is equipped with advanced sheet metal equipment, and a professional technician team, which can quickly and accurately process special-shaped work pieces.

Ingenious Craftsmanship

The production process is mature, fine workmanship. From raw materials to finished products, we process layer-by-layer detection and check, remove defects to ensure the excellent quality.

Support Customization

There are a variety of specifications, supporting the customization of drawings and samples. Quantity is with preferential treatment, and quality comes first.

Efficient Collaboration

Fast Consultation

Our experienced experts will provide a customized proposal based on your demand within 24 hours, including patterns, texture, and the level of luster.

Sample Prototype

Your specification for size and finish will be first brought to life with a unique sample within 5 to 7 days, and we will optimize the details to your satisfaction.

Bulk Production

After carefully confirming surface finishes and other specifics, bulk production involving cutting and slitting to size, grinding, and polishing will be started to manufacture in case of any mistakes.

Conscientious Inspection

Are you worrying about defective problems? All the finished items will be inspected to ensure the surface is flat and scratch-free before shipping.

Packing & Shipping

All the shipment issues will be arranged by us, and your products will be protectively packed and shipped within 7 to 15 days without hassle.

Aftersales Service

Customers’ receipt of the goods doesn’t mean that our service ends. SSMETAL provides responsive after sales service, we will follow up customer’s usage condition, listen their idea and keep improving our service.

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