Begin to Collaborate with Us

Initial Consultation

Our professionals will give you a rapid response after listening to your intention regarding pricing, specifications and lead time, etc. When choosing stainless steel materials, you can propose your ideal shape, grade, dimension and finish or send us drawings. Further surface processing is available for you to customize.

Sample Approval

For standard materials, samples are ready.

Welcome your sample or tell us your idea to customized. After making clear your requirements, prototyping will be undertaken. Generally, you can receive the sample 5-7 days after our preliminary consultation. Once the sample is approved, we will carry out the production without hassle.

Bulk Production

Before fabrication, tests are performed on the materials to ensure their quality. Then the machining will be processed to manufacture stainless steel ranging from shapes, grades, dimensions and surface treatments. A series of technology is involved in the manufacturing process.
Embossing / Etching
Color Coating
Laser Cutting /Punching
If you need strips, slitting will be processed to cut the coils into exact width and length with cutting knives. The equipment can use different circular blades to accommodate different gauges and types of stainless steel for slitting, thus being used in various applications.
In response to your requirement for surface smoothness, we can provide different polishing solutions. After polishing the stainless steel, the appearance looks smooth and shiny, making it less likely to accumulate deposits. Stainless steel can be profoundly polished to get a mirror-like surface.
A distinctive appearance can be made using our brushing technology. From grain 80# to 600#, from short lines to long lines, for your options, to make the surface of stainless steel becomes abrasive, and matte with an extensive range of grain.
Stainless Steel Embossing
We pass stainless sheets or strips between rolls of desired patterns, and then the surface is stamped with raised or sunken designs. There is a wide selection of popular patterns in stock, and you can order at any time. Bespoke patterns are also available in SS Metal.
For your particular requirements for color, we are capable of providing satisfying solutions for you with our PVD and German Water color coating finish. You can customize any color. Making sure the surface is clean, we coat a colored layer and use the electroplating to realize desired color effects with good gloss.
Laser Cutting Punching
To cater to your needs, we can use laser cutting and punching machines to precisely slice the sheet into a specific size. Laser cutting is a highly efficient cut with a narrow and smooth cutting seam. It is of high precision and low deformation.
Quality Control

Meticulous Inspection

After the mass fabrication, our specialists would finely check the completed stainless steel. Width, length, thickness and the exterior appearance are all strictly checked to ensure the standard quality. The surface is guaranteed to be flat, no chromatic aberration and scratch-free.

Secured Packing and Shipping

Packing the goods with waterproof package and strong wooden pallets ensures they avoid damage during the delivery. From start to end, we pay much attention to every single detail so you can trust us.

Aftersales Service

Customers’ receipt of the goods doesn’t mean that our service ends. SSMETAL provides responsive after sales service, we will follow up customer’s usage condition, listen their idea and keep improving our service.

Ready to Start Your Customization Project?