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Is Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet Easy to Rust?

Stainless steel hairline finish is a silky texture on the surface of stainless steel plate, which is one of a processing process of stainless steel plate. The surface is matte. If you look carefully, there is a trace of texture on it, but you can’t touch it. It is wear-resistant than ordinary shiny stainless steel plates and looks more high-grade.

brushed stainless steel plate

The drawing process will lose the thickness of the stainless steel plate to a certain extent, generally 0.1~0.2mm. In addition, due to the strong oil and sweat secretion of the human body, especially the palm of the hand, the hairline finish stainless steel sheet will leave more obvious fingerprints and need to be scrubbed regularly.

The surface treatment of most stainless steel sheets is suitable for matte polishing, brightening and mirroring, and there are some suitable for the hairline. These stainless steel plates suitable for grinding are commonly known as brushed stainless steel plates.

rusted metal comparision

Brushed stainless steel sheet generally has several effects: Hairline stainless steel sheet, snowflake/ NO.4, SB pattern. A straight silk pattern is an uninterrupted pattern from top to bottom like hair line. Generally, the workpiece of the fixed wire drawing machine can be moved back and forth. Snowflake pattern (NO.4 stainless steel sheet) is the most popular nowadays. It consists of a little regular point, which can be achieved with worm sandpaper.

SB pattern is composed of lines of different lengths. Because the texture of the nylon wheel is soft, it can be ground in uneven parts to reach the nylon pattern.

The brushed board generally refers to the surface pattern plus a general term. In the past, it was called a frosted board. The texture on the surface includes straight lines, turbulent lines, ripples and threads. Color-brushed stainless steel sheets such as black hairline stainless steel, bronze hairline stainless steel stainless gold hairline are a surface of various colors obtained by electroless water plating or vacuum ion coating on the substrate surface of brushed stainless steel plate.

There are many places where stainless steel plates are used in life. For example, bathroom cabinet panels in our bathrooms, kitchen cabinet panels, stainless steel sinks, and hotel or home decorations with black brushed stainless steel sheets, ss brush finish sheets, or brushed stainless steel panels. Those are all made of stainless steel plates.

rusted metal

Now the problem arises, that is, people’s process requirements have become higher, which also diversified the product forms, such as wire drawing pipes, titanium-plated pipes with stainless gold hairline or stainless black hairline and brushed stainless steel sheet cut to size etc., will the rust resistance of stainless steel sheets after wire drawing?

1. Stainless steel sheet is not easy to rust because of the protective film formed by nickel on the surface so that the plate is not easy to contact with substances such as oxygen in the air. So it is not easy to rust. Well, now the wire drawing processing has been carried out, turning the original mirror into a wire drawing board, and the surface is damaged. Although it still has an anti-rust function, the corrosion resistance has weakened.

2. Inform the user to pay attention to the environment. Don’t use it in the open air. If it is eroded by dust and rain, it is easy to rust. Stainless steel plate drawing is mostly considered for indoor use, so as to maintain the beauty and service life of the product.

3. Maintenance of brushed stainless steel plate. This is relatively important. Usually, pay attention not to contact with acid and base substances, and pay attention to moisture prevention and dust cleaning.


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