Popular Bead Blasting Options

Sandblasting is a stylish option when paired with different colors.

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Bead Blasting Sheet with Different Grain & Colors

Realize What's in Your Mind


Specify Your Requirements

In the beginning, you can raise your desired grain and color or send us a drawing to elaborate on your need.


Provide Solutions for You

Our experts will offer you corresponding customization solutions aimed at your specific requirements.


Free Sample

Instant free samples will be shipped to you in 5-7 días. If you have any questions about it, contact us at your convenience.

Significant Advantages

Panel-to-panel Matching

The bead blasting finish provides a consistent and streak-free appearance, making it ideal for panel-to-panel matching.

Less Hazardous

With advanced protection equipment, less hazard happens to our workers during the bead blasting process.

Aplicaciones Típicas

Interior Decoration

Equipo de cocina

Stainless Steel Trash Can


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