Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

We can process a series of surface finishes with advanced technologies to create aesthetic and decorative effects. There are available patterns which are following the modern aesthetic trends for your reference.

We can even provide suitable surface treatment solutions based on your specific requirements. It can be processed with multiple surface treatments simultaneously to attain a better decorative effect.

Wide Range of Customization Option


Customize Surface Grain

If you need a stainless steel sheet with specialized grain, you can tell us or send us drawings. Hairline, No.4, SB, and Vibration are all available for you.

Customize Surface Smoothness

If you need the surface of the stainless sheet to have different smoothness, we can offer corresponding solutions to you. Besides preliminary polishing, BA and Mirror polish can be processed.

Customize Surface Color

We master popular color elements. Apart from the colors displayed in our sample brochure, you can freely let us know your requirements for color. Sample customization is welcome.

Customize Shape

With rich expertise and years of experience, we can provide you with unique and exquisite stainless steel profiles. Our professionals and top-notch technology can take your specifics for shapes and sizes from concept to completion.

Customize Surface Pattern

For decoration, there are various patterns for you to choose from. SSMETAL can manufacture sheets with etched, embossed, bead blasting, perforated and corrugated finishes. Thickness and dimension is available to customize. You can send us message to describe your demands in detail.

Efficient Collaboration

Fast Consultation

Our experienced experts will provide a customized proposal based on your demand within 24 hours, including patterns, texture, and the level of luster.

Sample Prototype

Your specification for size and finish will be first brought to life with a unique sample within 5 to 7 days, and we will optimize the details to your satisfaction.

Bulk Production

After carefully confirming surface finishes and other specifics, bulk production involving cutting and slitting to size, grinding, and polishing will be started to manufacture in case of any mistakes.

Conscientious Inspection

Are you worrying about defective problems? All the finished items will be inspected to ensure the surface is flat and scratch-free before shipping.

Packing & Shipping

All the shipment issues will be arranged by us, and your products will be protectively packed and shipped within 7 to 15 days without hassle.

Aftersales Service

Customers’ receipt of the goods doesn’t mean that our service ends. SSMETAL provides responsive after sales service, we will follow up customer’s usage condition, listen their idea and keep improving our service.

Ready to Start Your Customization Project?