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Stainless steel sheet or plate are usually processed with 2B, رقم 1, بكالوريوس , مرآة, No.4 and Hairline finish.
Both cold and hot rolled stainless steel coils in a variety of dimensions are supplied in SSMETAL.

Our precision strips are made by slitting coils into a width ranging from 30mm to 1m.

Welded and seamless pipes are available with various specifications.
With special shapes, profile is a versatile material for architectural construction and decoration.

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Large Prodction Capacity

Equipped with a 30,000 m² factory and a variety of machines, our monthly output can be up to 12,000 MT.


Abundant Inventory

Stainless steel materials with various grades are in rich stock so we can ship more quickly than many other suppliers.


Free Samples

Tailored to your specifications, free sample is ready for you. The shipping time is usually 5-7 أيام.


On-Demand Customization

Besides materials from our available stock, you can customize the materials in shapes, grades, parameters and preliminary finish.


التفتيش الضميري

هل أنت قلق بشأن المشاكل المعيبة? سيتم فحص جميع العناصر النهائية للتأكد من أن السطح مسطح وخالي من الخدوش قبل الشحن.


التعبئة & شحن

سيتم ترتيب جميع مشكلات الشحن من قبلنا, وستتم تعبئة منتجاتك وشحنها بشكل وقائي 7 ل 15 أيام بدون متاعب.

Versatile for Different Applications

Due to its highly corrosion resistance, low maintenance and aesthetic appearance, stainless steel is well-received in a variety of applications

الأجهزة المنزلية

أدوات المطبخ

Medical Equipment

stainless steel applied in construction



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