Popular Embossing Options

Fashion and modern embossing patterns are available for your choices.

Popular Checker Plate Options

Checker plate’s anti-slipping feature makes it an excellent option for applictions like walkways, stairs and ramps.

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Embossed Sheet with Different Pattern & Colors

Realize What's in Your Mind


حدد متطلباتك

في البداية, you can raise your desired grain and color or send us a drawing to elaborate on your need.


قدم الحلول لك

سيقدم لك خبراؤنا حلول التخصيص المقابلة التي تستهدف متطلباتك المحددة.


عينة مجانية

عينات مجانية فورية لك في 5-7 أيام. إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة حول هذا الموضوع, اتصل بنا على راحتك.

مزايا كبيرة


The delicate appearance makes embossed stainless steel opted by many industries for decoration. With a wide range of patterns and colors, you can use it for indoor and outdoor design.


With an uneven and unique surface, our checker plates can help reduce the risk of slipping. According to your application, we can supply the optimal pattern design.

تطبيقات نموذجية

Elevator Panel

Car Exhaust Pipe


Stair Tread

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